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How it Works

Earn points and buy prizes, find out more about how PrizeHub works.

Win Points. Get Prizes.

Play the PrizeHub branded Claw Machines and when you win your instant prize, you will also receive a voucher where you can redeem the points and shop for more prizes!

Redeeming Your points is Easy Peasy

1. Enter Your Code – On your voucher you will see a Unique Code, simply enter it in the box provided

2. Bank Your Points – After entering your code, and registering for a FREE account, you can use those points to shop for more prizes! Or you can choose to save your points up and shop for even better prizes!

3. Ship – Once you have placed your order, we will ship direct to your door free of charge! Cool, eh?

Where to Play & Win?

View the online map of our Claw machine locations to find your nearest machine.